ND Mid Florida Lakes, No Two Pros – Oct. 24/25, 2019

Mid Florida Lakes hosted the Northern District No Two Pros Tournament this week. Their sponsors were All Florida Weatherproofing and Suter Air Conditioning. The Directors were Steve Smith and Jeff Geesey. Thirty-one (31) teams of Amateurs and Pros registered for the challenge. Our very own Rex Galusha won the 50/50. We need to congratulate the three Amateur Women from Coronado/Mainland who placed in the tournament. The winners were:

ND 04 –  No Two Pros.
31 Teams
FIRST:  Debbie Evans      6866       Coronado/Mainland
FIRST:   Stan Williamson    2094      Coronado/Mainland
SECOND:   Cindy Wonson    6668    Coronado/Mainland
SECOND:   Richie Burrell    280     Deland
THIRD:   Walt Bartels      3645     Deland
THIRD:    Joseph Inga     6851     Deland
FOURTH:     Dick Kolczynski    4439    Clerbook
FOURTH:     Ernest Farnsworth     6664     Clerbrook

FIRST:    Frank Cherill    5864    Leesburg
FIRST:   Mark Engel      6751    Leesburg
SECOND:    Paul Hodges     6847    Leesburg
SECOND:    Darryl Kenyon    7382    Leesburg
THIRD:    Bonnie Radke    6352    Coronado/Mainland
THIRD:    Arlene Jabaut    6375    Coronado/Mainland
FOURTH:    David Nitchie     6553    Holiday Mobile Park
FOURTH:    Ken Nitchie       6552     Holiday Mobile Park

Debbie and Stan First Place Main.

Mark and Frank First in Consolation

More Pictures From The Tournament

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  1. Tom Carbonell msn says:

    Way to go Bonnie

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