ND Any Doubles, Coronado/Mainland – Oct 17/18,2019

I want to personally thank everyone who helped me out with my first Northern District Tournament directorship. Tom Carbonell, Rich and Candy Kordeleski, Bruce Barbe and John Fortini were instrumental in cleaning and keeping the courts running smoothly. Candy and Mary McConnell got the kitchen all set up with coffee, snaks and good food that Tom, Arlene and others made for our lunch, BBQ Pork, coleslaw as well as wonderful deserts.  Arlene Jabaut helped me register the players. Richie and Carolyn Burrell former directors, were there for support and made sure I got it right.  Joan Sanford came to lend a hand and agreed to play with Arlene in order to make our teams even. Durl Evans, Mike Beall, Loretta Bromley and Maria Panella helped clean the discs between matches as well cleaning the courts after Thursday and Friday’s play.  Frank Cherill won the 50/50.

Loretta Bromley and Maria Panella took all of our filthy towels to the laundromat, got them cleaned and then folded and put all of them away before the tournament started. Thanks for all the hard work of our volunteers.  Congratulations to all the participants and winners during this event.

ND03 Any Doubles/  Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club.   Forty-Eight (48) Players
Results:  MAIN:
1st Main   Phil Wade   –   Coronado/Mainland
1st Main   George Snyder    Clermont
2nd Main  Zak Wonson    Coronado/Mainland
2nd Main  Randy Radke    Coronado/Mainland
3rd Main   Rex Galusha   Coronado/Mainland
3rd Main   Charlie Jones    Coronado/Mainland
4th Main   Tom Rimmer   Coronado/Mainland
4th Main    Dennis Buelk    Coronado/Mainland

1st Cons.   Dave Dean    Leesburg
1st Cons.    Frank Cherill    Leesburg
2nd Cons.   Edna Triplett    Coronado/Mainland
2nd Cons.   Barb Wade (Rush)   Coronado/Mainland
3rd Cons.   Dick Kolczynski    Clerbrook
3rd Cons.   John Giumarra    Deland
4th Cons.  Cheryl Cole      Hawthorne
4th Cons.   Carol Helfer     Leesburg

Our Sponsors were the Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club and Tom Carbonell’s partners at B’ On Time Concierge Scheduled Car Service.

Bonnie Radke was the Director


More Pictures From The Event

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1 Response to ND Any Doubles, Coronado/Mainland – Oct 17/18,2019

  1. al dronsfield says:

    Great job Bonnie, sounds like you had a lot of good help.. It appears all went well.. We’re in New Zealand for the next few days then onto Australia and home..


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