April Fun Day – April 13, 2019

The usual set up crew arrived to set up the courts for the Fun Day Challenge. Marguerite and Paul were there early to get the coffee and donuts going. I was not there for the fun, but it looks like everyone had a great time. Thirty-six (36) shufflers showed up to have some fun. We had nine teams playing the 20 court obstacle course.

FIRST PLACE: Tom Carbonell (Captain), Bruce Bancroft, Felix Piscitelli and Darrel Harman with a score of 1310SECOND PLACE: John Fortini (Captain), Loretta Cantalupo, Bob Tager and Mike Beall with a score of 1180THIRD PLACE: Al Best (Captain), Elizabeth Sharman, Tom Pergrem and Barb Fortini with a score of 1150.

HIGH SCORERS:  First Place:  Tom Carbonell 420 pointsSecond Place:  Tied with 410 points, Dennis Buelk and Tom Grubb, Third Place:  Barb Fortini with 400 points.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.

First Place: Tom, Felix, Bruce and Darrel

Second Place: Bob, Lorretta and John

Third Place: Al, Barb, Tim and Elizabeth

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