Agenda for The Board Meetings.

Meeting agenda
The board meeting agenda is developed by the president and executive director with input from board members. The standard sequence for most meeting agendas is:
Call to order
Moment of silence
Pledge to Flag
Roll call of officers
Approve minutes of last meeting
Treasures / reports
Committee reports, requests for discussion/action
Unfinished business
New business
Confirm next meeting date

Unfinished business
Felix Piscitelli becoming a lifetime member, Barbara Fortini read the results of her investigation. Jerry Jabaut approved the report, seconded by John Fortini and the report was accepted. The nomination will be posted in the cue house on February 25 and voted on by secret ballot at the March 2 meeting.

Mardi Gras; Tom Grubb discussed the Mardi Gras parade coming up on March 5. We will post this event on the website meet up times and location.  5:00 Meet time at club house,  7:00 pm Parade time.

Signs; John Fortini presented a report from Al Best about the purchase of signs for the courts: No skateboarding or bikes allowed”. The city will get prices and then we will have to decide how many to purchase. This will be discussed at the General Meeting.

The election of the candidates will take place at the March 2 meeting with a secret ballot. To open nominations from the floor, the chair declares, “Nominations are now in order for the office of Board Director. Are there nominations for Board Director?”
According to Robert’s Rules, motions to close nominations are usually unnecessary because the nomination process simply continues until no one wants to make further nominations. When the nominations stop, the chair just declares nominations closed.
Voice Vote if position is unopposed.
Secret Ballot if position is opposed.

Requests for discussion/action
Year round start time 10am.

New Business:   Discuss holding the Masters Tournament next year 2020 season at our club with the Banquet portion of the day held at Quail Hollow with Stan Williamson as our host.

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