Singles Mingles Results – Feb 26, 2019

Following the intense cleaning of our courts yesterday, there was not much prep needed for this morning’s Singles Mingles Challenge. Dennis was not able to stay for the games but was kind enough to come down to help set us up for play. Nine (9) Pro/State Ams and Six (6) Amateurs came to play. We played the usual five games, twelve frame matches, recording the winners at the end of each match.

Pro/State Am winners were: First Place; Rex Galusha winning four matches with 222 points, Second Place; Randy Radke winning three matches with 237 points, Third Place; Bob Tager winning three matches with 221 points.

Amateur winners were: First Place; Tim Pergrem won all five matches with 375 points, Second Place; Marguerite Fortier won four matches with 244 points and Third Place; Arlene Jabaut won three matches with 226 points. Thanks to everyone for participating. Hope to see you next month. Ciao!

Randy, Rex and Bob T.

Arlene, Tim and Marguerite

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