Wash and Clean Courts – Feb 25, 2019

Today was nice and cool for cleaning and waxing our courts in preparation for the Northern District Tournament coming to us this Thursday and Friday. A big Thank You to our Thirteen (13) volunteers who showed up to do the necessary prep-work. We had far less leaves to blow off the courts this morning due to Tom Carbonell’s hard work clearing off leaves on Sunday. We swept the courts and then washed and waxed them. Rich’s Son-In-Law, Gary Gonzalez, came from Ohio to visit and was volunteered to work on the courts. Thanks a lot! Gary sharpened all the pencils then he and Paul Fortier washed and polished the chalk boards after which he helped wax the courts. The sponges were all washed and the discs were also cleaned and waxed by our volunteers.

Thanks to all our Volunteers who help keep this club running. Tom Carbonell, Randy and Bonnie Radke, Wayne Biggs, Bob Stock, Paul Fortier, Joe Kasben, Bruce Bancroft, Al Best, Tim Pergrem, Rich Kordeleski and Felix Piscitelli. Tom Carbonell picked up Egg McMuffins from MacDonalds to feed some of our volunteers. Hope to see you again next time we need some volunteers.  Ciao!

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