Fun Day Results – February 16, 2019

Today dawned a little cool but warmed up quickly. Thank you Volunteers. The Court Crew lead by Rich Kordeleski, Darrel, Harman, Paul Fortier, Gerry Bousquet and others, showed up to set up the obstacles for our Fun Day Challenge. The Kitchen Crew lead by Marguerite Fortier received  help from Tom Carbonell, Connie Bousquet, Candy Kordeleski and others. They set up the coffee, donuts and got the food ready for our hot dog lunch after the challenge. Barb Fortini registered the players and collected the entry fee while Bill Sweets collected for the 50/50.

Allen Best organized the teams and assigned the captains. Then Tom asked us to say a silent prayer and we pledged allegiance to our flag. The shufflers chose their chips and went to their assigned courts before the fun began. When we finished Shuffling, we cleaned up all the courts while Barb tallied the scores.  Felix Piscitelli won the 50/50.  Then we all gathered in the club house for our lunch of hot dogs, chips, drinks and desserts.

Allen read off all the scores starting with the lowest score up to the top three finishers.

FIRST PLACE: Candy Kordeleski (Captain), Loretta Cantalupo, Ghost and Robert Wolven with a score of 1220. SECOND PLACE: John Fortini (Captain), Bob Tager, Susan Bancroft and Bruce Bancroft with a score of 1170. THIRD PLACE: Bonnie Radke (Captain), Jan Sweets, Guy Godman, and Joe Kasben with a score of 1160.

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Hope to see you all here for the challenge next month. Mark your calendars for March 9th to have more fun and games. Ciao!

Lorretta, Mouse and Candy

Bob, Susan, Bruce and John

Guy, Jan, Joe and Bonnie

More Pictures from Fun Day!

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