Need Your Help

Our new ND President needs our help.

Hi! Club Presidents: I have run into a bump in the road and need your help. The Past President is not willing to give up any of the past records of the Northern District of Shuffleboard, so I have no past information to refer to. Would you all please send me the following updated information.
Your President or Chair or acting Pres. name, phone number, email address. club name. And any other info. you wish to share about your courts. Number of courts. Address of Courts. Number of members.

If any of you can put me in touch with a person from Ormond Beach , Hacienda Del Rio. Quail Hollow, Southern Palms and Top of the World or have someone from these clubs contact me.

Have all of you picked up your “Preview Books” for this season? I have 45 in stock, which would tell, some of you have not picked them up.
If any of you paid your court dues on Sat. Jan 26, 2019, the Treasurer – Mary Ann Pabst, will be at the Deland tournament on Thurs. and she will be giving you the receipts for payment or will mail them to you. I appreciate all the help you can offer. Thanks

Take Care Lorraine Layton

My phone number 352 609 2527

Thanks for your help.

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