Fun Day – January 19, 2019

We had a pleasant day for our January Fun Day. Arden and Mary McConnell came early to begin setting up the courts before others arrived to help-out. Barb Fortini, Jane, Diane Hamas and Mary Harlow got the kitchen going. Barb Fortini then took over registering the shufflers for the games. Joan Best handled the 50/50 which was won by Cathy Kennedy. Al Best organized the teams to play on 20 courts. After Fun Play, we all met back at the clubhouse for lunch while Barb totaled up each of the team scores. Allen called out all the participating teams and presented them their winnings.

Congratuations to:
First Place; Dennis Buelk (Captain), Darrell, Felix and Loretta with a score of 1390. Second Place; Mary McConnell (Captain), Bob Tager, Jane Tager and Randy Radke with a score of 1230 and Third Place; Bob “Mouse” Wolven (Captain), Bob Ebert, Tom Carbonell and Rose Sargent with a score of 1120. Congratulations to all the winners and participants. We look forward to more shuffling fun next month.

FIRST – Dennis, Felix, Loretta and Darrel

SECOND – Bob, Jane Mary and Randy

THIRD – Bob, Rose, Mouse and Tom

More Pictures from Fun Day.

I forgot to mention who the top scorers were.

The TOP SCORERS were: Dennis Buelk with 420; John Fortini  with 410, and Darrel Harman with 400 points.

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