Executive Board and General Board Meeting – Dec 1, 2018

Saturday we held the Executive Board Meeting at 10:00 am. I will be posting the minutes later on. We had 8 board members present. Tom Carbonell brought the meeting to order.  Several issues were brought up that were important for the club. The General Board Meeting at 11:00 am had only 20 members (including the Exec. Board) attending. We had to table these important issues till next month’s board meeting ( January 5th) because the importance of these changes should not be left to only 20 members out of our  300 person membership without having more input from more members.

We discussed changing playing times for daily and Saturday play.  We need your input.  We were also discussing playing 16 frames instead of 75 points for tournaments held on our courts.  These two items will be discussed at the next meeting, so please attend because your input is important.

Rich Kordeleski held up five Cue Sticks that he has refurbished for the club to sell.  The money for the parts was donated by Angie and Denny Wyss.  We will be selling them for $25.00 each.  Please mark your calendars and lets have a good showing for the discussion of these important issues at our next board meeting in January.  Ciao!

Executive Board Meeting

Executive Board Meeting

Executive Board Meeting

General Board Meeting

Rich with refurbished cues.


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