Results from Singles Mingles – Nov 27, 2018

The usual clean up crew arrived to ready the courts for the Singles Mingles Challenge. Nineteen (19) shufflers braved the cold to play. Six (6) Amateurs and Thirteen (13) Pro/State Ams played five games of 12 frames each game, recording the score of the winners at the end of each game. When the dust had settled the winners were

Amateurs, FIRST PLACE: Tom Grubb (won all 5 of his games) with 273 points, SECOND PLACE: Arlene Jabaut with 194 points and THIRD PLACE: Jerry Jabaut with 151 points. The Pros/State Ams were, FIRST PLACE: Zak Wonson with 203 points, SECOND PLACE: Edna Triplett with 194 points and THIRD PLACE: Mouse Wolven with 169 points. Congratulations to the winners. Hope to see you all back here next month for this challenge. Ciao.

Amateurs: Jerry, Tom and Arlene

Pro/State Ams, Mouse, Edna and Zak

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