ND Mixed Doubles in Deland – Nov 15/16, 2018

The Deland Shuffleboard Club hosted the Northern District Mixed Doubles Tournament on Nov 15th and 16th. The courts were nicely prepared for the tournament.  Fifty-Six (56) shufflers showed up for the challenge. Congratulations to the Eighteen (18) CMS members who played.  Congratulations to the FIVE Declared CMS Club Members who Placed

FIRST PLACE:   Frank Cheril and Carol Helfer
SECOND PLACE:   Walt Bartels and Sharon Johnson
THIRD PLACE:  Dave Nitchie and Cheryl Cole
FOURTH PLACE:  Arnie Fischbach and Jan Dally

FIRST PLACE:   Rick Enright / Mary Ann Pabst
SECOND PLACE:  Jerry Jabaut / Arlene Jabaut
THIRD PLACE:   Phil Wade / Barbara Rush
FOURTH PLACE:   Jeff Luneau / Doris Henke

It was a very cool day but everyone who made it through to the finish . Congratulations to all the hardy souls.  Thank you to our directors Richie & Carolyn Burrell

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1 Response to ND Mixed Doubles in Deland – Nov 15/16, 2018

  1. tom grubb says:

    Keep up the good work looks like Jerry and Arlene are making several headlines.My radiation treatments are finally over and was getting ready to come back. I then recently fell of my roof so wont get down befor Nov 24 or so Im ok just sore. Cant wait to het back miss you all. Tom Grubb

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