ND Men’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles in Leesburg – Nov8/9th

Northern District Results – Men’s Dbls. Ladies Dbls. Leesburg Sponsored by Suter Heating & Air Conditioning Donna King – Director

Congratulations to all the CMS Members who played in the tournament and a special Congratulations to Cindy and Barb

Men’s Main
1st. Walt Bartels/Stan Williamson ——————– Tavares/Quail Hollow
2nd. Frank Cherill/Rick Enright ———————-Tavares/Leesburg
3rd. Dave Nitchie/Fred Neumann ——————–Leesburg
4th. Bob Craw/Derek Johnson ————————Holiday RV Resort

Men’s Consilation
1st. Richard Burkhardt/Allen Dronsfield ————— Parkwood Oaks/Leesburg
2nd. Chuck Brayman/Ron Carr ————————–Hawthorne/Leesburg
3rd. Wayne Carpenter/Howard Chambers ————-Hawthorne/Inverness
4th. Gary Knox/Ivan Layton ——————————MFL/Tavares

Ladies Main
1st. Marion Lohbusch/Sue McLaughlin —————–Hawthorne
2nd. Doris Hanke/Gail Howell ————————— Hawthorne/Leesburg
3rd. Carolyn Burrell/Christine Giumarra ————— Deland
4th. Carol Adams/Cheryl Cole —————————-Hawthorne/Tavares

Ladies Consolation
1st  Cindy Wonson and Barbara Rush———-Coronado/Mainland
2nd  Mary Jane Neumann and  Lorraine Layton——Leesburg/Tavares
3rd  Sharon Johnson and Carol May——–Holiday RV Resort/Hawthorne
4th  Chris Inga and Dee Metz —————Deland


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