ND Tournament at Hawthorne – Nov 1/2, 2018

The Northern District Mens Doubles/Ladies Doubles Tournament was held on Thursday and Friday, Nov 1 and 2. We thank the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club for hosting this event. The courts were well kept and fast. The offered lunch was appreciated. Twenty-One (21) mens teams and Twelve (12) ladies teams showed up for the challenge.   Three ladies  and three men were there to represent the CMS Shuffleboard Club.  Congratulations to all who participated.  Finally, thanks to our sponsor, SUTER AIR CONDTIONING, Tournament Director, DONNA KING, and all those people who worked behind the scenes to make this tournament a huge success.

Main Event Men:
FIRST PLACE:   Allen Dronsfield and Charlie Adams
SECOND PLACE:  Frank Cherill and Rick Enright
THIRD PLACE:   Ralph Lyon and Richard Burchardt
FOURTH PLACE:  Verne Ivey and George Snyder

Consolation, Men:
FIRST PLACE:  Wayne Carpenter and Dave Dean
SECOND PLACE: Rex Galusha and T. Pergrem
THIRD PLACE:  Bob Newhaus and Steve Smith
FOURTH PLACE:  Lee Newell and Stan Williamson

Main Event Ladies:
FIRST PLACE:  Sharon Upson and Bonnie Radke
SECOND PLACE:  Cheryl Cole and Barb Tulip
THIRD PLACE:  Doris Hanke and Jane Sackman
FOURTH PLACE:  Carol May and Lorraine Layton

Consolation, Ladies:
FIRST PLACE:   Sue McLaughlin and Nancy Andrews
SECOND PLACE:   Jan Daly and Mary Ann Pabst
THIRD PLACE:   Edith Armstrong and Pat Moody
FOURTH PLACE:  Christine Giumarra and Jo Ann Craw

Al Dronsfield and Charlie Adams, First Place in the Main

Dave Dean and Wayne Carpenter, First Place in Consolation

Bonnie Radke and Sharon Upson, First Place in the Main

Sue McLaughlin and Nancy Andrews First Place in Consolation

More Pictures From The Event.



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