November Fun Day Possibly on Sat. Nov. 17th

We currently do not have a Fun Day Scheduled for November. We are trying to determine if we would have enough people interested in holding the Fun Day if we did schedule it. There is a sign up sheet in the Cue House for sign up and we have ten people so far. We would need at least 20 people for it to be worthwhile to setup all the obstacles. Please either sign up on the sheet or send me an email ( if you would be interested in participating.

For those members who are new to the club.  We have teams of four people competing against each other.  We set up the Twenty (20) courts with obstacles and each team tries to achieve the highest score on each court.  It is a lot of fun and you can be a beginner to play.

We would have the usual hot dog lunch following the games. Thanks for your interest in the event.  This is a members only event.   Hope we can get this done. Ciao!

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1 Response to November Fun Day Possibly on Sat. Nov. 17th

  1. Meri-Kathryn Peed says:

    John and I will be back in NSB by then and would attend the fun day if you hold it on 11/17 MK and John Peed

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