ND Any Doubles Tournament Results – Oct 18/19, 2018

The usual clean up crews showed up to prep the Courts and man the Kitchen for the Northern District Any Doubles Tournament. A Big Shout Out and Thank You to Rich Kordeleski who organized all our Volunteers (who are too many to mention) but are sincerely appreciated. Fifty-Four (54) Shufflers arrived for the challenge. Twenty-Eight (28) members of the CMS Club participated in this tournament. Our guest shufflers enjoyed coffee, donuts and tea while our volunteers prepared the courts.  Tom Carbonnell, President, had us all gather outside for a silent prayer and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Pat King had us say a silent prayer for Jack Wooten, who had passed away last week and then made some announcements.  Allen Dronsfield announced winners from previous tournaments.

Thank you to Richie and Carolyn Burrell who were the directors for the Tournament and our Sponsors who were Tim Pergrem from T&T Painting and the CMS Shuffleboard Club.  Also thank you to Donna King for helping out when Richie stepped out for a previous appointment.

The second day (Friday) was committed to the finals in the Main and Consolation Tournaments.  Congratulations to the Seven (7) Declared CM Shuffleboard Club Members who placed.

MAIN EVENTFIRST PLACE:    Frank Cherill and Robert Robinson   SECOND PLACE:  Donna and Rod Lewis,    THIRD PLACE Allen Best and Rich Kordeleski,   FOURTH PLACE:   Dave Dean and Dave Martin.

CONSOLATION EVENT –  FIRST PLACE:  Bob Tager and Guy Godman,  SECOND PLACE:  Darrel Harman and Rex Galusha.   THIRD PLACE  Phil Wade and Howard Chambers  FOURTH PLACEDoris Hanke and Jane Moore

Frank Cherill and Bob Robinson First in the Main Event

Bob Tager and Guy Godman First in Consolation

Pictures From The Any Doubles Tournament

More Players from Coronado/Mainland


Rich and Al


Rex and Darrel

Phil and Howard

Phil and Howard

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