NSB 26th Annual Senior Olympics – Oct. 9, 2018

Despite the early morning rain, Tom Carbonell, Randy Radke, Rich Kordeleski and Charlie Jones showed up to dry and clean the courts for the NSB 26th Annual Senior Olympics Shuffleboard Game. The kitchen crew, Bonnie Radke, Mary McConnell, Candy Kordeleski and Connie Bousquet set the tables and made the coffee. The donuts were donated by the NSB Parks and Recreation department. Sixteen (16) enthusiastic players showed up for all the fun and games. We explained the shuffleboard rules of the game to the participants who each played three matches of sixteen frames. At the end of the three matches, we totaled all the scores.

Please CONGRATULATE the place holders: MEN: Gold – George Karras with 265 points. Silver – Allen Best with 239 points. Bronze – Rich Kordeleski with 201 points.
WOMEN: Gold – Candy Kordeleski with 253 points. Silver – Betty Buccini with 218 points. Bronze – Joan Best with 152 points.  We all had a great time despite the intermittent sprinkles. Thanks to everyone who participated in these fun and games.

Betty, Rich, Candy and George. Joan and Allen were not pictured.

More Pictures From the Senior Olympics.


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