Current Happenings in the Month of May

We have had nothing but rain for the past few days. Yesterday it finally was sunny and warm. Tom Grubb, Tim Pergrem, Tom Carbonell, Jerrry Jabaut, Randy/Bonnie Radke, Al Schroth and Rich Kordeleski all began power washing and cleaning courts 1 thru 20. After they had dried, Tom Grubb and Tim set to work painting the aisles on courts 5 thru 12. We taped off the courts and let them dry.

Today May 24th, Tim, Tom and Jerry came again this morning and taped off and painted courts 1 thru 4 while the other shufflers played the Thursday Morning Foreplay. When we all finished playing our four matches, the courts were cleaned. Tim, Tom, Tom and Jerry finished painting all the aisles from courts 13 thru 20. Now all we have to do is wait for the experts to refinish the actual surfaces of the courts some time in July/August. Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who helped make this possible. We are especially thankful for the expertise of Tim Pergrem and Tom Grubb, our resident painters.

Tim Pergrem and Tom Grubb

More Pictures From Painting the Courts.

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