Singles Mingles Season Summary – 2017-2018

The Singles Mingles Season Summary from Oct 2017 thru March 2018 yielded the final placement results. First Place holders.
Jerry Jabaut 4 wins
Zak Wonson  2 wins
Barb Rush, Paul Fortier, Tom Grubb and Jean Tardif each had 1 win

Pros/State Ams:
Randy Radke   4 wins
Dennis Buelk   2 wins
Phil Wade, Darrel Harman, Edna Triplett. Rex Galusha and Bonnie Radke each had 1 win.

Second Place holders.
Jean Tardif and Rose Sargent each had 3 wins
Arlene Jabaut   2 wins
Marguerite Fortier, Paul Fortier, Bob Stock and Honey Donnelly each had 1 win

Pros/State Ams:
Bonnie Radke, Felix Piscitelli and Dennis Buelk each had 3 wins
Randy Radke and Darrel Harman each had 2 wins

Third Place holders.
Honey Donnelly  4 wins
Arlene Jabaut, Jerry Jabaut, Al Schroth, Barb Rush and Tom Grubb each had 1 win.

Pros/State Ams:
Dennis Buelk  3 wins
Rex Galusha   2 wins
Bob Tager and Felix Piscitelli each had 1 win.

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