Executive Board/ General Board Meetings – March 7, 2018

The Executive Board met at 10:30 this morning. Nine members of the board were present (Marty Bystrom did not attend). The first notice to be announced was that the MARCH FUN DAY WILL TAKE PLACE ON MARCH 24TH. They also wanted me to announce that PUSHERS ARE NEEDED FOR THE MASTERS TOURNAMENT TO BE HELD ON MARCH 22ND IN DELAND.   Barb Fortini will be submitting the full minutes of this meeting and they will be posted in the cue house.

Twenty-Four (24) members participated in the General Board Meeting in order to  elect our new Executive Board  Members.  Bill Boyes had previously posted the nominees for these positions in the Cue House. Bill then explained that because there were no new nominations made on the floor of the meeting, the secretary would accept and validate the posted nominees as having been elected and enter their names in the minutes.  The newly elected members will be sworn into office by Bob Tager at the  Club’s Annual Banquet on March 24th.

We all took the time at the conclusion of the meeting to recognize and thank Allen Best for his superb stewardship as President of the CMS Club over the past  four years. Al will be remaining as one of the Directors for the Board.

President – Tom Carbonell
Vice Pres – Johnny Connors
Secretary – Barb Fortini
Treasurer – Arlene Jabaut
Directors (We need to elect two each year)
– Dennis Buelk
– Tom Grubb

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