Fun Day Results – Feb 24, 2018

Rich Kordeleski and his fabulous crew showed up very early to set up 20 courts for the Fun Day Competition. Marguerite and her dynamic kitchen crew prepared the morning coffee, tea, lemonade and donuts in addition to having the lunch set-up for later after the games. Barb Fortini registered all the shufflers and collected the $1 entry fee. We had Fifty-Three (53) enthusiastic shufflers, more than anyone can remember, show up to have some shuffling fun. Joan Best collected the 50/50 and Allen Best organized the team leaders and sent them out to the courts. Everyone picked a chip which apprised them of the court they would start on.

After we had played on all of the courts and submitted our score sheets to Barb Fortini, she tallied them up. In the mean time, everyone cleaned up their own courts and helped put away our fun day props. A hot dog lunch with a home made pasta salad, provided by Marilyn VanLare, was served. The 50/50 winner drawn was Joyce DiPietro. Allen then began handing out awards to all the teams with the highest to lowest scores.

The Top Winning Team was Bonnie Radke (Capt.), Randy Radke, Felix Piscitelli and Darrel Harman with a score of 1400 points. The Second Place Team was Barb Fortini (Capt.), Al Best, Debbie Evans and Guy Godman with a score of 1200 points. The Third Place Team was John Fortini (Capt.), Sid Pomainville, Mike Darling and Joyce DiPietro with a score of 1120 points.   Everyone received a little bit of the prize money including our lowest scoring team of Gerry Bousquet (Capt.), Martha Ebert, April Shaw and Tim Pergrim with a score of 630 points.

The Top Scorers for the day were:  Randy Radke and Bob Tager who tied with 400 points, John Fortini with 390 points and Sid Pomainville with 370 points.

All in all it was a fun day with many of our very new and more experienced members trying to overcome the wacky shuffleboard challenges. Once again we must thank Allen Best and our Volunteers for enabling us to have a FUN DAY! Please come back and join us next month for more fun and games. Ciao!

Felix, Darrel, Bonnie and Randy

Guy, Debbie, Allen and Barb

Mike, Sid, Joyce and John

Gerry, Martha, April and Tim

More Pictures from Fun Day.

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