Mayor’s/Memorial Tournament – 02/06/18

Today dawned so beautiful for the Mayor’s/ Memorial Tournament. The usual court crew volunteers showed up to prepare the courts and make them ready for play. A special thank you to Rich (Grounds Manager) and Candy Kordeleski who, despite having company at home, came to help set up the courts. Marguerite and Paul Fortier, with their kitchen crew, came to set up the coffee, donuts (provided by the City) and make all the preparations for lunch. Many Thanks to Johnnie Conner and her crew (Barb Fortini, Arlene Jabaut, Joan Best, Cathy Kennedy, Marguerite, Betty Buccini and Debbie Evans) who came in to set up a wonderful Memorial to our Sixteen (16) members who passed away over the last three years. Joan Best began collecting for the 50/50 (won by Mary McConnell) while Dennis Buelk collected the entry fee to register players for the Tournament.

Allen Best welcomed the NSB Mayor, Jim Hathaway, at 8:30 am to thank him and the city for scheduling the refinishing of our courts. Jim played a ceremonial game with Felix Piscitelli. He thanked us for inviting him to the NSB historic courts and told us to have a wonderful Mayor’s/ Memorial Tournament.

Joan Best lead us in a prayer and then the Pledge of Allegiance. Dennis explained the game rules for the Single Mingles matches. We played five games of 12 frames each. The winners recorded their scores. After three matches, we broke for a lunch of subs, chips and a delicious Memorial Mayor’s Tournament Cake. Then we played our last two games. While Dennis tallied the scores, the rest of us cleaned the courts and put everything away.

Congratulations to our winning Pros/State Ams –  First Place Bill Boyes;  Second Place Bob Tager; Third Place Phil Wade and Fourth Place Dennis Buelk. Winning Amateurs –  First Place John Fortini; Second Place Tom Carbonell; Third Place Zak Wonson and Fourth Place Barb Rush.   We also had a prize for the two lowest scoring players, Marilyn VanLare and Randy Radke. Kudos to all who participated for a good time which was had by all!

Felix and the Mayor, Jim Hathaway

The Pro/State Am Winners, Dennis, Phil, Bob and Bill.

Amateurs Winners, Tom, John, Barb and Zak (not in picture)


More pictures from the Tournament.

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