Fun Day Results – Jan 27, 2018

What an enjoyable day for a Fun Day Challenge. The usual volunteer crew showed up to set up 20 courts with challenging obstacles on a few of them. Forty-Eight (48) shufflers signed up for the fun and games. Joan Best collected the 50/50 which Mike Darling won. Barb Fortini registered everyone and collected the dollar entry fee. Marguerite Fortier (oversaw the kitchen) and her crew set the tables, prepared the food (hot dogs, cookies, beverages & sweets)  for pre-registration and lunch.
Allen Best welcomed everyone, assigned the twelve team leaders and explained the game to the many new players who were there for the first time. We had 12 teams of four players each. Barb Fortini totaled the score sheets from each team and verified their accuracy. Allen subsequently announced the winners and handed out the winnings (dollars & coins).

The Top Winning Team was Barb Fortini , Tim Pergrem, Bob (?) and Allen Best with a score of 1210. The Second Team was Joan Best, Bob Tager, Angie Weiss and Denny Weiss with a score of 1200. The Third Team was Connie Bousquet, Bill (?), Felix Piscitelli and Joe (?) with a score of 1070.

The Top Scorers for the day were:  Bob Tager with 420, Sid Pomainville with 400 and Randy Radke with 380.

All in all it was a fun day with many of our very new and old members trying to overcome the wacky shuffleboard challenges. Once again we must thank Allen Best and our Volunteers for enabling us to have a FUN DAY! Please come back and join us next month for more fun and games. Ciao!

Bob, Barb, Tim and Allen

Denny, Angie, Joan and Bob

Felix, Bill, Connie and Joe

More Pictures From Fun Day.



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