Mayor’s Memorial/ CMS Memorial Tournament – Feb 6, 2018

On February 6th we will be holding a combined tournament. The CMS Club has combined the Mayor’s Memorial with a CMS Memorial Tournament honoring the  Sixteen (16) CMS Club members that have passed over the last three years. This is a members only Tournament. The Entry fee will be $2.00  (includes lunch) beginning at 9:00 am (please be there no later than 8:30 am for registration). Lunch will be provided for participants and volunteers.  It will run as a Singles Mingles format followed by prizes for the tournament winners.  If you do not plan on volunteering or participating, please come by in order to show support and cheer on  the members who are.  COME MEET THE MAYOR!   See you there! Ciao!

Deceased Members we will be honoring:

Jane Murphy,  Joseph “Joey” Shebester,  Harold Henderson,  Patrick Tucci,  Wayne Lockwood,  Elsie Boning,  Penny Boyes,  Ben Sharman,  Bob Donahue,  Stephen Ponder,  Fred Pelletier,  Muriel Abraham,  Elizabeth Jacobson,  Beverly Oszust,  Joseph Clement, and  Roland Gilles.

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1 Response to Mayor’s Memorial/ CMS Memorial Tournament – Feb 6, 2018

  1. Barb Nephew says:

    Sorry to be missing this important event. Good luck to all!

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