Results from Northern District Tournament – Dec 7

The Northern District, Pro Doubles and Amateur Doubles Tournament was held at the CMS Shuffleboard courts, December 7th and 8th.  Rich Kordeleski and John Fortini came early  to set up the courts and the rest of the volunteer team joined them to do a fantastic job of getting the courts ready for play and supporting the players during the tournament. Donna King was the director for this tournament and CMS Club was the sponsor. Candy led the kitchen crew getting the donuts, coffee, tables and snacks ready for the shufflers.  Carol Finta brought her wonderful cookies for our enjoyment.  Johnnie and Betty did a great job decorating the Hall.  Rose Sargent won the 50/50 drawing.  We would like to THANK ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS.  So many people working so hard to make this tournament a success.  Congratulations to all the shufflers who participated in our tournament.

PRO DOUBLES MAIN:    Sixteen (16) teams,    SECOND PLACE:   Bill Boyes and Sid Pomeranville   THIRD PLACE:    Darrel Harman and Rex Galusha    FOURTH PLACE:   Phil Wade and Dee Metz (Deland)


AMATEUR DOUBLES MAIN:      Nine (9) teams:     FIRST PLACE:  Randy and Bonnie Radke,  THIRD PLACE:  Debbie Evans and Candy Kordeleski,   FOURTH PLACE:  Tim Pergrem and Zack Wonson.

AMATEUR DOUBLES CONSOLATION:   FIRST PLACE:  Al Best and Rich Kordeleski, SECOND PLACE:  Barbara Rush and Donna Lewis  (Deland),  THIRD PLACE:  Honey Donnelly and Rose Sargent.  All pictures are from stock photos.

For more information about the Tournament please visit the Northern District Website.

Bill Boyes and Sid Pomeranville

Darrel Harman and Rex Galusha

Phil Wade and Dee Metz (no Pic)




Dennis Buelk and Tom Rimmer

Bonnie and Randy Radke

Candy Kordeleski

Debbie Evans


Tim Pergrem and Zak Wonson

Al Best and Rich Kordeleski

Barbara Rush and Donna Lewis (no pic)

Rose Sargent and Honey Donnelly












For more pictures from the Northern District Tournament




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