November Fun Day

Rich and his outstanding set up crew started getting ready for Fun Day at around 9 am. Candy, along with the kitchen crew, set up the kitchen for our post play luncheon. The shufflers started arriving around 9:15 to register and pay their entry fee to Barb Fortini. Joan collected for the 50/50 which Mary McConnell won. Allen assigned and oriented the team leaders. We had eight teams with three and four members. After everyone had completed playing on all twenty courts, we met back in the Club House to have Hot Dogs and tally the scores.

Allen announced the Top Three Teams.  First Place:  Bonnie Radke’s team with 1480 points (Dennis, Elizabeth and Ghost) .  Second Place: Mary McConnell’s team with 1440 points (Sid, Darrel and Ghost) .  Third Place: Candy Kordeleski’s team  with 1340 points (Honey, Guy and Bob Tager).  Everyone had a fun time and shared in the booty.  Hope to see you for December’s Fun Day!  Ciao!

Elizabeth, Dennis and Bonnie

Sid, Mary and Darrell

Bob, Honey and Candy (Guy is missing)

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