28th Annual Senior Games Shuffleboard Contest – 10/03/17

On October 3rd, 2017 the CMS Club held the 28th NSB Annual Senior Games Shuffleboard Contest. Rich and Candy Kordeleski, Randy and Bonnie Radke, Johnnie Conner and Betty Buccini arrived early to set up the courts, discs, scoreboards, cues and sign-up sheets for the Sixteen (16) seniors who signed up to shuffle. Candy made the coffee, Betty brought the orange juice while Michael from NSB Leisure Services brought the complementary donuts.

We luckily had eight women teaming up with eight men. Participants drew chips to get their team mate and court assignments. Each shuffler played four games of twelve frames each. At the end of each game, the winning team recorded their scores. We totaled up the winning scores after all four games were played to determine the Men and Women’s Gold, Silver, and Bronze finalists.


MEN: First Place – Rich Kordeleski with 221 points; Second Place – Al Schroth with 169 points; Third Place Tie between Guy Godman and George Karras with 167 points each.

WOMEN: First Place – Betty Buccini with 237 points; Second Place – Connie Bousquet with 150 points; and Third Place – Johnnie Conner with 144 points; We returned to the club house to congratulate all the participating shufflers and award the medals to the winning finalists. We all had a great time.  Y’all come back next year. Ciao!

Rich, Betty. Guy, Johnnie, Connie, Al and George

More Pictures From the Senior Games Shuffleboard.


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