New Discs Tracking Record.

Tonight we used the new discs and they were great and really fast.  Please note that the new discs had not been waxed. We set up a form for us to use so that we can use all the discs in rotation and get them broken-in and ready for competition.

As you use the discs please put a CHECK MARK AFTER THE NUMBERED DISC CARRIER YOU USE.  (See posted disc use list on wall) You do not need to use the discs that correspond to the court you are playing on. If the discs have not been previously used, PLEASE WAX THE DISCS BEFORE YOU PLAY. Please see the following form to understand what we are doing with the discs. If you play on court 13, you can use any discs you like, just put a check mark next to the disc carrier number you use.  If you have any questions, please ask a fellow shuffler to be sure.  Thanks for your help.

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