Working to Make A Home for Our New Discs

Rich Kordeleski has been working hard to maintain our courts and shuffleboard accessories. Now that we have Wayne’s New Discs, Rich decided to have additional Wooden Disc Carriers made. Rich built three new carriers as replacements. We will paint and re-number these disc carriers. The old discs will be moved to older carriers and will be kept in the Cue House for alternative uses. Thank you Rich for all your support and hard work.

New Wooden Disc Holders, soon to be painted.

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3 Responses to Working to Make A Home for Our New Discs

  1. Don says:

    Rich is a good man does almost for club as A . Best………maybe we could talk him into
    Running for one of the chairs…..I would help him to get elected 😂😂😂😂…don

  2. Don says:

    Also rich has a wife that does an awful lot of volunteer work for the club…candy…
    Great couple to take over leadership if and when.. All and Joan decide to retire…don

  3. says:


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