Preparing Our New Discs For Play! – 08/14/17

Allen Best and his crew have been working hard to get our New Discs ready to use. We weighed all the discs and matched them (as best we could) together in pairs (black & yellow) by weight. Today we laid out all the discs and painted the dots identifying the matched sets by color, one (1) thru four (4). On September 12th (please place it on your calendar) we will be asking volunteers to help wash, wax and prepare the courts for the up-coming shuffleboard season. Volunteers will also help wash the score boards and erasers as well. Thanks in advance!

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Enjoying retirement in New Smyrna Beach
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3 Responses to Preparing Our New Discs For Play! – 08/14/17

  1. Bill B says:

    Wow! I’m so looking forward to getting back down and seeing everyone again and playing with the new discs!

  2. Lois Troxell says:

    WOW They look beautiful. Be sure and tell us what time to arrive on Sept. 12.
    PS Please tell me how to get a key.

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