May’s Friday Night Pot Luck Dinner

The May Friday Night Pot Luck Dinner was attended by Twenty-Two (22) hungry shufflers. We had three tables set up in the “Big Room” because it was air-conditioned on this sultry Friday evening. Joan Best pitched in for kitchen duty because Marguerite had gone back North. The food was, as usual, marvelous.

Al Best filled us in on the status of our new discs, which should be delivered sometime in mid June. Once again, Al thanked Wayne Lockwood for his generous donation that allowed the club to acquire the discs.  Joan collected for the 50/50 and also lead us in a prayer for those unable to be with us.  Then Bob Finta and his wife Carol lead us to the food table and we all indulged in a wonderful feast of culinary delights. Following dinner, Betty Buccini drew the winning 50/50 ticket. Once again Honey Donnelly won the pot. Finally all the tables were cleared, the dishes were washed and the chairs put away. The members who stayed to play Bunco decided that the “Big Room” was a much cooler gaming room. All in all it was an interesting and festive evening. See you next month for some more mouth-watering vitals. Ciao!

More Pictures from the Pot Luck Dinner!

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1 Response to May’s Friday Night Pot Luck Dinner

  1. Bill B says:

    Bonnie, I enjoy your reports of club activities very much. People having fun – Great!. So good to see you all via the website, and I’m looking forward to coming back to see everyone. Weather here now is like your March was, and I’m busy getting the gardens and patio ready for summer, plus activities with friends and family.
    “Cheers!” to All
    Bill B.

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