UCF Event Wednesday – May 10, 2017

Wednesday night, May 10, 2017, the CMShuffleboard Club hosted some of the graduates from the University of Central Florida School of Photography. With some help from volunteers, Dennis guided eight (8) students and two teachers, Justin Nolan and Laine Wyatt, through the rules of shuffleboard. Then we set up two courts before the fun began. For the next couple of hours there was laughter as the students discovered shuffleboard was not as easy as first expected.  They challenged each other for the fun of it.  Thank you to Dennis and the volunteers for making this a fun evening of shuffleboard.  We would like to thank the students for their donation to our club for their use of the courts and our time instructing them.  Hopefully some of them will return to play again and/or join the club.

More Pictures from the Evening Event

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  1. Deb Dugas says:

    This is pretty cool!

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