Fun Day – April 22, 2017

The CMS Club’s last seasonal (2016/2017) Fun Day began with Marguerite and her kitchen crew doing a great job of setting up the drinks, hot dogs, potato chips and pastries.  Rich and his crew had already done terrific job (as usual) setting up all the Fun Day obstacles among our twenty courts. Joan collected for the 50/50 draw while Rich collected the $1 registration fee. Allen Best called the group to order after we socialized for a bit and munched on some food. Randy drew the winning 50/50 ticket which was won by Joan Best.

Allen then announced the team Captains and set out the plastic chips used to assign the Fun Day team members to their courts. Thirty-four (34) ardent club shufflers joined in the fun to overcome the wacky obstacles in-order to score as many points as possible for their team.We missed quite a few of our club members who had already gone back up North for the summer.

When the teams had completed playing all 20 courts, we all convened to the club house for more socializing and munching while Bonnie Radke totaled the score sheets and verified their accuracy. Then Allen began to announce the winners and hand out the winnings.

The Top Winning Team was Marguerite, Mouse, Jane and Randy with a high score of 1240. The Second Team was Bonnie, Dennis (did not stay for photo-op), Mona and Honey with a score of 1220. The Third Team was Joan, Jean, Bob Tager and Ghost with a score of 1200. The Lowest Scoring Team was Rich, Paul, Fay and Don with a score of 840.

All in all it was a fun day with many of our very new and old members trying to overcome the wacky shuffleboard challenges. Once again we must thank Allen and our Volunteers for enabling us to have a FUN DAY! Please come back and join us next Fall for more fun and games. Ciao!

Marguerite, Jane, Mouse and Randy

Bonnie, Mona and Honey (Dennis (Not Shown)

Joan, Bob and Jean (plus Ghost)

Rich, Paul, Faye and Don

More Pictures From Fun Day

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