CMS Club WORKDAY – Tuesday March 21, 2017

Today at 9:00 am Twenty-Nine (29) enthusiastic volunteers showed up to clean, wash, wax and organize the whole shuffleboard area including the cue house and club house.  Marguerite was out sick so Arlene took over getting the donuts while Allen helped to get the coffee going. The discs were all cleaned and waxed, the scoreboards were scrubbed and  sponges washed. The courts were also blown clear of leaves and debris.

This was one of the largest group of volunteers we have had to date. This is why, besides great leadership, we have such a successful club.  It was great to see so many of our new members join in to help.  We apologize if we have missed any of you in our attached slide show.

NOTE:  A Shout Out to Rich Kordeleski, our court manager, for all his hard work installing the new lock hasps in the cue holding room for our current and expanding membership.

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers…………………Ciao!


More pictures from the CMS Work Day

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