80th Anniversary Open Fun Day – 3/4/17

Saturday, March 4th was breezy and bright. Some members showed up early, just after 8:00 am.  The usual volunteers and crew members were hard at work preparing the courts for play, decorating the hall, tables, making coffee and greeting friends as they all arrived for the celebration. Zack Wonson (Chair) and his  crew of Arlene, Barb Nephew, Cindy, Candy and Connie had done a great job of organizing, advertising and getting everyone involved. Marguerite, Paul, Mary, Arden, Johnnie, Betty, Candy, Honey, Rich, Felix, John Fortini, Jerry, Gerry, Joan, Allen and many others all deserve a fantastic thank you for a job well done.

Rich Kordeleski saw to it that all the courts were prepared early so as to have some members shuffling around 10:00 am. The populous began to trickle in not too long afterwards. They watched a little and then Arden and Cindy coaxed them onto the courts. With a little instruction, the games began and all seemed to be having a great time.

Jim Hathaway, our New Smyrna Mayor came around 11:00 am and read a Proclamation from the City of New Smyrna Beach Congratulating us on our 80th Anniversary and  honoring the club for it’s “on going, excellent service to the community”. The Mayor also announced that he had just become a grandfather to a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations!

The public came to watch, learn and enjoy the day which included cake and ice cream. Some participants joined the club as new members and some signed up to possibly win one of the five raffled memberships to the club.  Cindy Wonson will notify each of the winners in the next few day.  The winners were Linda Lamons, Charlene Giovanniello, Gerry Alsentzer, Jean Clementi and Mike Webber.  The day was fantastic with everyone having a great time.  A BIG THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMBERS, MAYOR AND THE PUBLIC WHO JOINED IN TO MAKE THIS DAY A WONDERFUL SUCCESS!



Mayor Jim Hathaway

Mayor Jim Hathaway



















More Photos from the 80th Anniversary Celebration


I forgot to once again Thank Debbie Evans for our beautiful banner. She donated it to the club and it is just wonderful! Also people I did not mention, were never forgotten, there were just so many of you to THANK FOR YOUR HARD WORK. Jean Tardiff was there Sat morning very early, Many more…Thank you!

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