Mayor’s Tournament – February 7th at 8:30am

Just a reminder that the Mayor’s Tournament is February 7th beginning at 8:30 am. We would like to have as many members as we can get to show up and participate in the fun. The more people we have the better our city support will be. Even if you do not play in the tournament, we need lots of spectators to show club participation. We also will need some people to volunteer to clean the courts, wax the discs and generally keep the game going. We appreciate and need all our volunteers. Please sign up in the cue house to help.  Without our volunteers this club cannot function.

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2 Responses to Mayor’s Tournament – February 7th at 8:30am

  1. Honey Lou says:

    Is this just for pros? amateurs? or a draw?

  2. seawitch2 says:

    Sorry Honey, once again this is just for our club. I guess you will just have to join our club to get in on all the fun.

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