CMS Club Clean-Up Work Day – Jan 10, 2017

CMS Club Work Day officially started today at 9 am and finished before 11 am. We had sixteen (16) enthusiastic Volunteers show up to wash, clean, wax and generally prepare our club facility for the upcoming Northern District’s PRO/AM Only Tournament to be held this coming Thursday.

Marguerite Fortier came in early to set-up the coffee, donuts and cake. She then began to work with Arlene, Debbie Evans, Bob Tager and Candy to clean-up all the scoreboards, erasers and benches. Randy, Rich, Bob Stock, Felix, Jerry, Dave, Darrell, Dennis, John Fortini and Arden started washing, cleaning and waxing the courts. John Fortini and Allen also worked and tested the electronics of the PA system. Bonnie, Arlene and Dennis worked on exchanging our daily play discs for newly cleaned and waxed replacement discs. Joe Rossitto showed up to check out all the action.

After a short snack break, the crew continued working on the courts. Darrel washed windows and even stayed after everyone was done to wash the cue house floor.  We even had two lovely ladies (looking to be trained by Dennis) come in to sign up to join the club as new members.  Thank you so much to all the volunteers who came by to help support the club. Working together only makes our club grow stronger.


More Pictures from the club Work Day


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