General Member Board Meeting – 12/03/16

Thirty (30) CMS Club members arrived for the General Membership Board Meeting that was held on Saturday, December 3rd.  As there was no quorum for the previous meeting, we did not read the minutes from the 11/5 Board Meeting.  There was a correction made to the posted minutes that the full Executive Board would not need to be replaced in 2018.

HIGHLIGHTS: Dennis Buelk was appreciated for instructing close to 100 new members this year on how to play the game of shuffleboard. Allen Best, on behalf of the club, presented Dennis with a lunch cooler (with the club’s logo on it) as a thank you for all his hard dedicated work.   Betty Buccini gave the Treasurers Report.  She also volunteered to look into the cost of 80th Anniversary Coffee Cups.  Darrel Harman suggested that “we have Bigger Hotdogs” for our events at the club.

We discussed the Annual Banquet which will be held on March 11th in the CMS Club House. We will post a list of three (3) possible menus for people to choose from before selecting a supplier.  Allen introduced some suggestions for the 80th Anniversary celebration. The CMS Club will hold a Saturday Celebration Event open to the public on March 4th.  We would set up courts and invite the public to try their hand at a game of shuffleboard in the hopes that we would attract new members and conjure up support to keep the club as a thriving historical site on Flagler Avenue.  A sheet will be posted in the cue house for those interested in volunteering to support this event.  Zack Wonson will head up a committee to propose suggestions to make this a successful event. Paperwork will be submitted in order for the club to take part in NSB’s Mardi Gras 2017 parade.  We will be receiving our new club anniversary shirts by the first of the this coming week.

Allen Best announced that the Northern District was looking for two new Tournament Directors. This is a paid position with limited travel. Training is provided.

There will be a sign up sheet in the Cue House for volunteers to work the next Northern District Pro Only/Amateur Only Tournament to be held at our courts on January 12/13th.  There is also a sign up sheet for the Christmas Pot Luck Dinner (the club will provide two hams …possibly a third).

Bill Boyes was to follow up on specifics for our continued support of SPARC.

Don Nephew (Board Director) and Arden McConnell (Board Director) will need replacing in 2017. A committee will be formed to offer suggestions for their replacements.

We closed the meeting early because Wayne Lockwood wanted to address the club about his illness and the fact that he was leaving to go North with his children.  He was very surprised to see that up to 30 people showed up to wish him well.  Wayne explained to the club what he had been going through for the past year.  He also told many funny stories, one of which explained his anxiety and stress over the black discs we use.  He thanked all of the people who showed up to wish him well. We all showed our appreciation for Wayne’s friendship by giving him a standing ovation. As a parting thank you, Wayne offered a gift of shuffleboard discs to the club.  Then we all sat down with Wayne to have a piece of cake (which Diane Woodhams brought) and wished him Godspeed. We all have high hopes that Wayne will return!


Wayne, Godspeed!

Wayne, Godspeed!

More Pictures From the Board Meetings and Farewell Event

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