Florida Power and Light Event Visitors – 11/15/16

Tuesday afternoon between 4 pm & 6 pm on Nov 15th, the CMS shuffleboard courts were the site of an enjoyable and amusing corporate event. Florida Power and Light (FPL) held a two day conference at the Hampton Inn and twenty-six (26) enthusiastic employees participated in a friendly fun filled two hour shuffleboard competition. They made a generous donation to the club for the use of the courts and the efforts made to give them guidance and encouragement.

Dennis Buelk, event organizer, and Crew arrived early to prep and set-up the courts with  enough cues for all the participants. When they arrived, Dennis gave them a short lesson on how to play, score and have fun. They split up into teams and played on six courts. Lots of laughter and comical competition to see who could score for bragging rights (just like our own Fun Day). One of them commented, “I now know why the old people enjoy playing shuffleboard”. At 6pm the FPL shufflers departed for Happy Hour at the Hampton Inn to reminisce about their shuffleboard experience. Four of the FPL participants enjoyed themselves so much, they returned after Happy Hour and joined our  regular Tuesday night shuffleboard matches under the lights.  A good time was had by all!

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  1. hagoodnc says:

    That is real great! Sounds like they had fun! Nancy

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