FUN DAY Scheduled for Saturday – 11/19/16

CMS Club’s Fun Day is scheduled for Sat. Nov 19th starting at 12 Noon. This is an amusing ( lots of chuckles) event that tests your intuitive skills of accurately (good luck) placing a disc through a variety of obstacles. All twenty (20) courts with their own particular peculiarities are used. Participating teams, each with four (4) persons including an assigned Captain (scorekeeper/rule enforcer) are selected before the fun begins.  The participation fees ($ 1.00 each) are all paid back to the teams in amounts reflective of their placement and/or standing.

Fun loving shuffling participants should SIGN-UP at the Cue House so we know how many FREE hot dogs, chips, coffee, lemonade and sweet treats need to be prepared. We give an appreciative shout-out to the CREW (volunteers) who will be setting up the kitchen and preparing the courts with all their wacky obstacles.

As a reminder to those who have negotiated these obstacles before and for those who will be encountering them for the first time, I have listed below the hardest courts to score on in descending order to the easiest courts to score on with accompanying court diagrams.  These figures were compiled from the results of 44 players participating in our last Fun Day. Now y’all come on down, test your intuition and have some fun, ya here!

1. Court #3 –      Kitchen Scoring Only – (HARDEST)
2. Court #17  –      Lag Line Only
3. Court #13 –       Seven-Eight or Eight-Ten Lines Only
4. Court #4 –        Two–Pin Scoring
5. Court #18 –      Outside Line Only
6. Court #8  –       Bungee Scoring
7. Court #14 –      10’s and 10 – Lines
8. Court #2  –      One–Pin Scoring       Tied with Court #20 Only Inside Lines
9. Court #1 –        Head–Pin Scoring
10. Court #7 –      Center Line                 Tied with Court #19 Side-Board Ricochet Scoring
11. Court #6 –      Eights Only
12. Court #12 –    Between The Blocks
13. Court #5 –     Opposite Hand Scoring
14. Court #16 –   Under Chair Scoring
15. Court #10 –   Blind Scoring
16. Court #11 –    Sevens and Eights     Tied with Court #15 Opposite Hand Scoring
17. Court #9 –  Tab Scoring – (EASIEST)

funday1161 funday2162

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