WE NEED YOUR HELP! A Call For Volunteers.

Having participated at other shuffleboard clubs this tournament season, I was impressed with these clubs being hospitable, accommodating and well organized.

I just noticed that we only have two (2) volunteers signed up for the upcoming Northern District Tournament being held here tomorrow, Thursday thru Friday, Nov 3-4. We will have approximately 28 teams visiting our club and that is why we will need more than two volunteers to sweep the courts, wax the discs and bead the courts between matches.

If you are not playing in this tournament and will be in the area, it would be greatly appreciated if you would volunteer to help out your CMS Club. Please let us know ASAP if we can count on your support.  Call Allen Best at (302) 841-0251 or Bonnie Radke at (386) 402-7105. Thanks


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1 Response to WE NEED YOUR HELP! A Call For Volunteers.

  1. Honey Lou says:

    If I am on the losing team again….I do know how to wax.

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