Club House Improvement Update – 10/19/16

The next time you go into the CUE/Club House, you will notice that there has been a great deal of work done.  Tim Pergrem (have paintbrush will travel) has done an outstanding first rate job in painting the Cue House floors and some of their walls.

NOTE: The new room for Cues is now available for cue storage (only on it’s left hand side). A sign up numbered sheet is available on a first come basis for Club members interested in securing a storage space for their Cues.

Allen Best has also painted the Club House bulletin board wall and continues to help frame related shuffleboard event pictures. A whole wall, with Debbie Evan’s help, has been created for some of our shuffleboard club’s history.

The walls between the windows will be honoring the CMS Club’s State Hall Of Fame Members: Dorine Bessette (2013), Edna Triplett (2009) and Stan Williamson (2008).  I have attached their profiles for your perusal.  You will also notice that Joan Best has put together a group of  club library books that you are free to borrow and/or add to. “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.” A great big THANK YOU to all the volunteers for their hard work on behalf of the club.

clubprep-10-19-16-6 clubprep-10-19-16-1


stanwilliamson     dorine-bessette       edna-triplett

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  1. Honey Lou says:

    very very nice.

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