Shuffleboard Courts Clean Up – October 17, 2016

Between 8:00 am and 9:30 am nineteen (19) eager volunteers showed up this Monday to sweep, wash, wax, and clean up the shuffleboard courts. We finished up at approximately 11am. Our volunteers totally cleaned and washed the cue house so that Tim Pergrem could paint the floor after he finishes painting the cue room. The scoreboards were all washed along with the sponges/erasers. All the discs had already been painted. Allen and Debbie worked on the Historical Bulletin Board in the club house. We would like to thank all of today’s volunteers: Allen and Joan Best, Gerry Bousquet, Dennis Buelk, Mona Carkner, Debbie Evans, Darrel Hartman, Dave Helverson, Arlene and Jerry Jabaut, Wayne Lockwood, Carolyn Menosky, Don Nephew, Tim Pergrem, Bonnie and Randy Radke, Ron Raymond, Joe Rossitto and Mouse Wolven. Allen Best understands that some of our members may have had a conflict of interest that may have prevented them from participating in today’s Clean-Up. If your name was not included in today’s clean up list, Allen looks forward to your volunteering for the next clean up and/or working the next local shuffleboard tournament.   PEASE DO NOT ENTER THE CUE HOUSE OR USE THE SHUFFLEBOARD COURTS UNTIL TUESDAY NIGHTS REGULAR SHUFFLEBOARD PLAY.  AGAIN, THANKS TO ALL!

cleanup-10-17-16-5                cleanup-10-17-16-19 

More Pictures From CMS Shuffleboard Clean Up Day.

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