Some Shuffleboard Historical Notes – 8/7/16


  • According to the International Shuffleboard Association, the ancient sport of “shovel-board” evolved into its modern form on cruise ships (starting in 1840s) before shuffleboard was first played on land in 1913 at the Lyndhurst Hotel in Daytona Beach.
  • The first cement court (then called a lane)  was constructed near the Casino Burgoyne (Daytona Beach, Fla.) in 1915 and became the forerunner of countless shuffleboard courts throughout many cities in Florida and other sections of the United States.
  • The modern game of Shuffleboard was defined in St. Petersburg (Mirror Lake Park), the very first organized shuffleboard club in Florida, in 1924 and in 1928 the Florida Shuffleboard Association was formed. The organization of the FSA led to the formation of the National Shuffleboard Association in 1931, and as a result of the NSA, the modern rules of the game were standardized all over the country.
  • In 1931, the first national tournament (for men only) was held. The first national shuffleboard tournament for women took place in 1932. The International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) was formed in March of 1979 and held its very first tournament in 1981. Its third national tournament took place in St. Petersburg in 1983 and in October 2013, St. Petersburg hosted the 32nd international tournament.
  • The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club (originally known as the Mirror Lake Shuffleboard Club) was and is unquestionably the leading club in the country. At its peak, the club had 110 courts, a covered grandstand from which spectators could follow the action on its tournament courts, and had more than 5,000 members.
  • The NSA estimates that about 5 million people play shuffleboard at one time or another in the course of a year.  It does not take brawn, it takes strategy and skill to prevail in shuffleboard.

1880_shuffleboard_pic 2013-0516-StPete-Shuffleboard FL Daytona Beach Casino Burgoyne lynhurst_hote2

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  1. Arlene Jabaut says:

    Very interesting. Thank you Arlene and Jerry

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