80th Anniversary Planning Meeting – 7/30/16

This morning at 9:00am President Allen Best had an 80th Anniversary Planning Meeting with 13 contributing members who showed up to express their ideas for our upcoming anniversary. We of course assessed all the ideas previously submitted in the website’s July 5th posting.

Johnnie Conner suggested a Pig Roast for our annual banquet which would be held for club members and our local retail business anniversary sponsors.  Marty Bystrom is going to check on the availability of a Pig for the roast. Susu Day is going to check about the development and procurement of a new 80th Anniversary banner, tee shirts and hats.  Michael Greear also volunteered to check alternative pricing for tee shirts.  Johnnie Conner is going to inquire about costs from the Beach Embroidery (screen print) shop that has our club’s logo. Betty Buccini  suggested that we participate in several local events in order to promote our club’s upcoming anniversary.

The first event is the NSB Flamingo Follies Holiday Art Show which is held Nov 12, 2016 – Nov 13, 2016 along Flagler Ave., then the Christmas Parade and Mardi Gras Parade.  Club participation in these events will help promote our main anniversary celebration tentatively scheduled for the week of March 16th thru the 18th. Allen Best will verify and confirm these dates besides coordinating with the appropriate city departments and media. Alan and Dennis Buelk went over Tournament dates to avoid any potential conflicts. Another suggestion was to have a day for a membership drive with music (DJ and/or live) from the 1937 top hit parade, free lessons and shuffleboard demonstrations to inform and attract local residents.

Allen scheduled the next 80th Anniversary planning meeting for Saturday August 27th at 9:00am before the 10:00am regular shuffle.

80th Anni Plan 7-30-16 10

Tee Shirt Sampler

Tee Shirt Sampler

Tee Shirt Sampler

Example Invitation

Example Invitation

More pictures from the Meeting.

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1 Response to 80th Anniversary Planning Meeting – 7/30/16

  1. tim pergrem says:

    please note that bikeweek runs from march 10 to march 19. there may be a little conflict with the dates . wouldnt do any good to have music if you’re not going to be able to hear it just a thought and a heads up.

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