POT LUCK Dinner – 7/22/16

Our summer Pot Luck (PL) Dinner was attended by twenty-one (20) CMS Club members and Rex’s guest, Jean Galusha. A shout-out of appreciation to the kitchen helpers and their table/chair arrangers. The delish covered PL dishes and desserts brought in by the participants where most plentiful and yummy.

The 50/50 drawing winner, conducted by Joan Best, was Johnnie Conner. Allen Best once again reminded us to participate in the upcoming 9am Saturday morning (July, 30th) meeting of “ideas” in preparation for our Club’s 80th Anniversary in 2017. Mona Carkner gave Allen a basket of suspicious looking bottled drinks and “Mouse” Wolven announced his acquisition of “buggy whip” cues to up his and Mona’s shuffleboard game to put us all in the “kitchen”.

Some of the members stayed to play Bunco and the participants left fuller and heavier after the fantastic spread of food. Until next time, chaio!

PotL 7-22-16 9

Attached are more pictures from the Pot Luck Dinner. 

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