A Call For 80th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Put on your creative thinking caps and help us make the CMS Club’s 80th Anniversary one to remember when we celebrate it in 2017. We should not let our 80th Anniversary go by without a good celebration in appreciation of the CMS Club’s sustained record of success and it’s history. We will have an opportunity to publicize our success and share our story with newcomers, prospective new members and the public at large.

We will need to choose a date that does not compete with other events going on such as a weekend on behalf of the public’s convenience.  Some ideas might be:

  1. Persuading New Smyrna Beach to declare a day, week and/or month of celebration with signage and media coverage.
  2. Host a musical group on the pavilion adjacent to the shuffleboard courts to play songs that were big hits 80 years ago.
  3. Decorate with crepe paper streamers, banners and/or balloons printed with the club logo, colors and/or name.
  4. Design an 80th Anniversary Tee Shirt with club logo and/or name.
  5. Set aside a few days to invite the public to mingle and get to know the ins and outs of shuffling and its benefits to the community.
  6. If allowed, have local businesses donate to sponsor flyers, giving credit to the businesses by naming them on the flyers.
  7. Create a flyer or handout (faux newspaper sheet) depicting clubs history,  pertinent facts about shuffleboard you never knew, club achievements, 2017 club agenda (calendar), vintage photo of 80 years ago and highlight our clubs website.
  8. Create a montage of photos to show how the club has progressed and changed over the past 80 years.
  9. Have a day when members play matches in vintage clothing in the style of 80 years ago.

Any ideas you may have to celebrate our 80th Anniversary in 2017 should be sent to our website email address….cmshuffleboard@gmail.com and/or given directly to Allen Best, President of the CMS club.


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3 Responses to A Call For 80th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

  1. Debbie evans says:

    Great ideas so far.

  2. Darrel Harman says:

    Get the Daytona Beach Journal involved to run an article on the 80th anniversary of the club. D

  3. seawitch2 says:

    Thank you for your replies and ideas!

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