Something To Crow About – Sunday April 24th

While we played shuffleboard on Sunday morning, our loudly crowing local free-ranging roosters strutted their stuff across the courts right into the clubhouse. They kind of reminded me of our four Pros (Charlie, Dennis, Pete”The Hammer” and Tom) who come by to play shuffleboard every Sunday morning. We might want to consider making the roosters our unofficial mascots because they sometimes imitate some of the CMS Club’s most enjoyable qualities in being spirited, carefree, boisterous and humorous.


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3 Responses to Something To Crow About – Sunday April 24th

  1. JOAN ORR-BEST says:

    Awesome idea…they’ve been hanging around our courts for a long time!

  2. Honey Lou says:

    Bonnie looked as happy as the roosters. Are they now considered “mascots” and where in the world did they come from? Are they going to visit again?

  3. seawitch2 says:

    They live downtown and are there most days. Unofficial mascots.

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