CMS Member Profile – April 2016

CMS Club member Felix Piscitelli was born in the Bronx, New York back in 1930. He was the fifth born of eight brothers and sisters. In 1940 he moved to Worcester, MA.. Both his father and uncle were brick layers and carpenters who worked on the Empire State Building. At the age of 16, Felix became an apprentice bricklayer and at 20, he became a Journeyman bricklayer who traveled all over the Northestern states, wherever the work took him. He worked for the Worcester Public Schools repairing 105 brick buildings for over a period of 20 years before finally retiring in 1992, at the age of 62.
Felix had 7 children (4 boys, 3 girls), five (5) still living, ages 50 to 62.  His wife passed away in 1994 and thereafter, Felix discovered New Smyrna Beach through a friend. A year later he met Mary Etre and they have been together for 22 delightful years. In 1997, Felix joined the Coronado Shuffleboard Club and became very active in the tournament circuit. Felix participated in the Masters twice while he was still an amateur and played in the Tournament of Champions before becoming a Pro, five (5) years after joining the CMS Club. He was a member of our Club’s Board of Directors for about 5 years. He still enjoys being a “snowbird” but looks forward to coming back to Holiday Cove North to enjoy the surf-fishing, ballroom dancing, cribbage, bunco, yoga and the warmer winters.

We appreciate and are thankful for Felix’s continuing participation in and support of the CMS Club.


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Enjoying retirement in New Smyrna Beach
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