SPARC Community Activities

Wednesday evening, March 30th, the Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club and the SPARC participants held their last get-together of the year to give out achievement awards, eat hot dogs, celebrate a birthday and play shuffleboard one last time together. Emily Furano, after receiving a birthday present, celebrated her birthday by sharing cake and lemonade with her friends.

The CMS Club partnered with SPARC to help provide recreational and sporting activities in our nurturing social shuffleboard community for those participants with developmental disabilities. Shuffleboard’s organized activities help to foster individual potential, new friendships and minimize isolation. Our shuffleboard club has been sponsoring a program with SPARC, with CMS member Bill Boyes as its coordinator, for at least the past couple of years.

We would like to thank all the CMS Club SPARC volunteers, such as: Bill Boyes, Joan Best, Arden & Mary McConnell, Jerry Jabaut, Paul and Marguerite Fortier, Connie and Gerry Bousquet, Johnnie Conner and Betty Buccini, for their support and involvement.

We also appreciate the involvement and support from families and friends of the following participating members:  Wayne Malcolm, Erick Harper, Sierra Harmer, Courtney Widdson, Ashton Tabor, Candi Smith, Emily Furrano and the three absent members, Evan Gorski, Tom Baker and Nate Urban. They all had a really good time and seemed to learn quite a lot about shuffleboard from the CMS Club workers who gave them friendship, guidance and support. We all look forward, once again, to our next season.


CMS Volunteers: (L-R) Connie, Bill, Mary, Arden and Tom

CMS Volunteers: (L-R) Connie, Bill, Mary, Arden and Tom

CMS Volunteers (L-R): John, Marguerite, Joan, Gerry and Jerry

CMS Volunteers (L-R): John, Marguerite, Joan, Gerry and Jerry


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3 Responses to SPARC Community Activities

  1. Honey Lou says:

    what does SPARC … the letters stand for? Hope to see to see you next Thursday around 8:am-8:15am….right?

  2. seawitch2 says:

    Special Program And Resource Connection (SPARC) program

  3. seawitch2 says:

    This is a copy of an email we received.

    This is Carolyn Funaro , Emily’s mom.

    I would just like to thank you all again for your participation and mentorship of our SPARC group. They all learned so much, had such a great time and enjoyed being part of the shuffleboard community. You are all so warm and welcoming not to mention generous with your time!

    I was just on your website and thoroughly enjoyed reading about your group and looking at all the pictures. The pictures from the final SPARC event were very special and unexpected surprise!

    Heartfelt thanks and appreciation,
    Carolyn and Emily Funaro

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